Charlie’s Angels Style Fashion

Charlie’s Angels Style Fashion

When I was kids..I like watching Charlies Angels Movies TV Series..(Farah Fawcett and her Charlie’s Angels costars Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith)

For me they are a super women hero, because beside three of them are gorgeous, sexy, smart, can fighting, independent they are also so fashionable.

When Charlie’s Angels movies was booming..Look what the impact for every women in the world..

All of women in this world are copy they style …Not just clothes but also hair..

For me Charlie’s Angels style are Legend…Excellent, thumbs up and adorable (ups… I can’t stop to praised they style)..

For millennials, they might not know the Charlie’s Angels of the 70s. So..Let’s see what fashion style looks like from these three Charlies Angels of the 70s.

Look 1:

This skirt with a cut of the A line contoh makes Charlie’s Angels look simple but still chic. The selection of pastel colors makes a soft impression.

Look 1 – www.Cilyainwonderland.Id (source : Pinterest)

Look 2 :

This is how the three beautiful women look when they are wearing a sexy long dress. Look beautiful right?

Look dua – www.Cilyainwonderland.Id (source : Pinterest)

Look 3 :

This is the style according to their respective personalities

Look 3 – www.Cilyainwonderland.Id (source : Pinterest)

Look 4 :

Three different styles. But still their fashion style chooses simple pattern pieces. The choice of jackets and cardigans for the appearance of additional accessories makes them look stunning.

Look 5 :

How do they look if they wear fur coats? Tadaaa … They still look beautiful


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